Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter pictures

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Still eating lots of chocolate? Chocolate withdrawal?
I cleared pictures off our camera tonight and just had to post some. I'll have to keep in mind that they seem to post up here in the opposite order that I listed them. Hhhmmm???
The top picture is Lucas and his cousin Austin during an Easter weekend visit at my parents. Austin was all smiles... I just didn't seem to be able to snap a picture at quite the right time. Plus, neither one of them wanted to sit still for long. The middle picture is Lucas on Easter morning at the start of his egg hunt. He had lots of fun looking for eggs. In fact, most of the day he mentioned "I wonder if the Easter Bunny hid any more eggs?". The third picture shows the eggs that Lucas and I decorated the day before Easter. I love the bright colours in the basket and the black background.
I don't really have any sewing updates. I bought some more fabric and have it washed but that's about it. Just haven't had the energy to sew this week. Maybe next week! :)

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