Saturday, June 20, 2009

4 ????

I know I'm a few days late with this but...


Yup... My little boy turned 4 on June 17th. Crazy. So we've been a little busy here with birthday things.

I do have another quilt block to post. It was one I was hand appliquing and finally finished about a week ago I think.

I tried a new way of doing borders on a tiny little scrap/sample. It was with a mitered corner. I think it turned out okay so I'm going to go ahead and use the method on my full size quilt. Wish me luck.

I'll post some pics of everything when I have a chance. I'm off to visit a quilt store nearby that's having a big sale today! Yay!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C8 - Hani's Crown

This was the Block of the Week for the online Dear Jane group almost a month ago (where does the time go?). I started it at the time (May 17th)... and I finished it June 7th!
Well... at least it is done. There was an informal contest to see who could complete it in the fastest time. The fastest time was a little under half an hour. I stopped timing my work once I spent about half an hour just making the little white square in the middle with the 4 purple triangles attached to each side. LOL
This brings me to a total of 10 blocks done... and I've finally posted a piture on my blog again. Good thing... it needed some colour.
I'm actually thinking about setting Dear Jane aside for a little bit and trying to finish up a quilt that I started a long time ago in a class. I'm at the stage of putting on borders and would like to get back at it.
One last quick thought... if anybody has seen spring anywhere can they send it my way??????

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh Man!

Only 1 blog post in May... and it didn't even have a picture. How pathetic is that!! LOL June will be better... June will be better...

I'm actually having a weekend to myself sort of. Yesterday I met up with some girls I went to school with and we travelled to St. Jacobs. We looked around some of the stores and had lunch. There were some beautiful quilting stores and quilts and I think I could have spent hours and hours looking around. When I returned home I found out that Michael and Lucas had gone to the Lake for a boys' campout. I weeded my flowerbeds and found that there actually were some flowers under all the weeds, I sat around a fire and visited with our neighbours and then I came in and tried to watch Lord of the Rings but I was too tired to watch it all. I was hoping to be able to sleep in this morning (instead of having to get up as soon as Lucas does to help him in the bathroom and get him a drink) but it wasn't too be. About 5 to 7 this morning I was awake and couldn't get back to sleep thinking about all the things I could do today. At least I could just lay in bed for a little bit and not have to jump right up as soon as I woke up. So... on to get some work (and some sewing????) done. They're to call me sometime this morning to see if I'm coming to join them or if I'm staying here - it'll probably depend on the weather which so far isn't looking all that great. We'll see...