Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C8 - Hani's Crown

This was the Block of the Week for the online Dear Jane group almost a month ago (where does the time go?). I started it at the time (May 17th)... and I finished it June 7th!
Well... at least it is done. There was an informal contest to see who could complete it in the fastest time. The fastest time was a little under half an hour. I stopped timing my work once I spent about half an hour just making the little white square in the middle with the 4 purple triangles attached to each side. LOL
This brings me to a total of 10 blocks done... and I've finally posted a piture on my blog again. Good thing... it needed some colour.
I'm actually thinking about setting Dear Jane aside for a little bit and trying to finish up a quilt that I started a long time ago in a class. I'm at the stage of putting on borders and would like to get back at it.
One last quick thought... if anybody has seen spring anywhere can they send it my way??????

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