Monday, August 24, 2009

Quilt top finally finished...

Once again, I forgot that blogspot flips the order of the pics!! Not a big deal but I wanted the other one first!
Oh well... the important thing is that I finally finished this quilt top. I actually started it about 12 years ago at a quilting class. I think at that time I had most of the blocks made. Every once in a while I would pull it out and sew a few more blocks together. I made a big push recently to finish assembling the blocks and doing the borders. Here is the result.
Now it's on hold again while I make a quilt for Lucas in case he needs a blanket for junior kindergarten. He's chosen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That should be interesting!
Also, I did finish my first Dear Jane triangle. I'll try to scan it in and post it soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

H12 - Hannah Lou's Hearts

And another...

Interesting... it wasn't until I was scanning these in that I noticed how similar they are... 4 pieces appliqued in a circle.
I think the next one to be finished might be my triangle... then I'll have to figure out how to scan and set up triangles next.

B1 - Batchelor Buttons

I'm trying to catch up on the posting of my Dear Jane blocks. I'm behind by a couple.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Quilting

I have actually been squeezing in some quilting here and there. I have at least 1 more completed block to scan in but I'm not doing that right now. I also started my first triangle. I'm doing it all as applique so it's not all that different from a square really - just 3 sides instead of 4!! I figured it would be less scary to start the triangles if I did it this way.

It's been an interesting couple days. Michael (my husband) is actually in the hospital right now with pancreatitis. He's having an ultrasound tomorrow and has started a fluid diet today (after not having anything for a day or 2) so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

A little while ago (like, June, I think) I was getting antsy about my Dear Jane and wondering if I was making the right fabric choices. I pulled out all my blocks and put them together on my makeshift design board. This is what happened...

I think I can live with this! I will also do sashing between all the blocks. I'm not sashing as I go because I'm waiting to see how many blocks I end up making. I'm thinking of a navy blue or dark purple batik but I'll decide for sure when the time comes.

I have several other pictures that I want to share but I'll slowly work away at getting them posted. I gotta get to bed now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

As promised...

Okay... so it's not the most flattering picture of me... but drowned rat (plus weird head gear/protector thingy) is a hard look for anyone to pull off, I think!

Birthday Party Pictures - from June 28

I was looking through the pictures from Lucas' birthday party and it turns out there weren't too many that I felt I could post. I don't want to post pictures of other people without their permission - especially those pictures with kids in them - as I know some people are not comfortable with it. I did manage to find a couple to share...

Just for the record... I did not make this cake... and yes, we did rent a bouncy joust thingy for the day. Unfortunately the kids did not get to play on it for long before it started to drizzle. It was okay at first and we quickly got lunch in but by then it was really too wet to keep on outside so the party moved inside for cake and presents. It wasn't even really a warm rain... it was darn cool actually... but we survived and I think everyone had fun.

After the guests had left Lucas and Michael put on their bathing suits and went out for more joust fun. I was going to clean up but they asked me to join them for a few minutes... and how could I resist? Our next door neighbours joined us after a bit and we had a blast. We played until the company came to pick it up. Maybe they thought we were completely crazy but boy did we have fun. 4 adults and 2 kids completely drenched, jumping around, and knocking each other down with poles. The thing was practically a swimming pool by the end!!

I tried to add a couple joust pictures but for some reason they put them in at the top of this post (where I didn't want them) and when I tried to move them everything froze up. Does anybody know how to put pictures where you want them on here (or move them around after)? I have to go get my cranky boy to bed but I'll post those other couple pics later tonight or tomorrow.

Birthday Picture - from June 17th

Here is a picture of Lucas on his actual 4th birthday. This is a cake that I made for him. It is just as he requested... chocolate with strawberries on top! I just noticed how, in this picture, the cake looks so much bigger than Lucas! :)