Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Quilting

I have actually been squeezing in some quilting here and there. I have at least 1 more completed block to scan in but I'm not doing that right now. I also started my first triangle. I'm doing it all as applique so it's not all that different from a square really - just 3 sides instead of 4!! I figured it would be less scary to start the triangles if I did it this way.

It's been an interesting couple days. Michael (my husband) is actually in the hospital right now with pancreatitis. He's having an ultrasound tomorrow and has started a fluid diet today (after not having anything for a day or 2) so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

A little while ago (like, June, I think) I was getting antsy about my Dear Jane and wondering if I was making the right fabric choices. I pulled out all my blocks and put them together on my makeshift design board. This is what happened...

I think I can live with this! I will also do sashing between all the blocks. I'm not sashing as I go because I'm waiting to see how many blocks I end up making. I'm thinking of a navy blue or dark purple batik but I'll decide for sure when the time comes.

I have several other pictures that I want to share but I'll slowly work away at getting them posted. I gotta get to bed now!

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