Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Block

I'm a little slow to get the blog up and going... I started with the quilting!

I made my first Dear Jane block on January 20/09. My initial plan was to sew a few blocks to make sure I enjoyed making the blocks and that I was I happy with my fabric/design idea. I admit I was nervous about making a big initial investment in background fabric. After much thinking and consulting I've decided I'm going to use a variety of white-on-whites for my backgrounds and batiks for my focus fabric. I'm planning to have lots of blues and greens and purples and pinks. Hopefully it'll look okay in the end. I'm thinking about sashing it in a navy blue batik but I'll decide that later... much later!
So... this is a picture of my practice block (A6 - Uncle Homer). With my decision to use a variety of white-on-whites I could have used this block but I'd put it together in a hurry and I thought that I could do better. I know that finished is better than perfect but I admit that I re-did this block. But that's for another post...

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