Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Real Thing: A6 - Uncle Homer

Okay... so I re-did my A6 block on February 18th. It was even easier the second time around!

I washed up some more fabric tonight but that was it for Dear Jane. I did make up a label for a baby quilt so at least I had my machine on today. I can't say that every day! Lucas (my son) actually went to bed early tonight as he didn't have a nap today for Dadoo (his name for Dad). Michael (my husband) went to a local hockey game tonight. That meant I had time for dishes, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, some sewing, and the computer. Wow - amazing what I can get done when I have an evening to myself!


  1. have fun making this lovely quilt - I sure have. You may just be starting but you will get addicted to it I am sure. I am quilting my first dear jane that I hand pieced, cut with scissors, marked seam lines with pencil -- yes I'm crazy what can I say -- I have started my second dear jane!

  2. Thanks Karen. I can tell I'm already becoming addicted. Yikes! I know I'll be using my machine for piecing whenever I can but I am thinking about doing at least some hand quilting... but that's a long ways away!!