Saturday, March 28, 2009

Strike 2

Well... I made another Papa's Star... and thought I had it. Serves me right for trimming it down late at night. I trimmed it with the wrong point facing up. It's not too big a deal except that it means my center star is pointing sideways.
I realized too that the triangles that form the star points are not all the same size (as measured from Brenda's book). That would explain why mine are not all the same size. I'm glad it's not just my crooked sewing.
I find that tiny little "errors" really stand out in the scans. I pulled the fabric a bit here to line things up better (but don't tell anyone!!). You can hardly tell with the actual block and yet in the scan it's very noticable!
I think I'm going to leave this block for a bit and try some simpler foundation piecing. Maybe then I'll have better luck with this one. I'm not going to let it beat me!!!! :)


  1. OH MY GOD, Julie!!! That Papa's Star is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first 6 or 7 attempts were HORRENDOUS!!!!! LOL

    It's a "keeper", in my books.

    P.S. I LOVE your choice of batiks, with your DJ blocks, too!!!! *grin*

  2. Thanks Rosa! I was happy with the star too... until I cut it on the wrong angle. I'm still holding onto it and probably could use it but I think it would bother me and always look off-kilter to me. We'll see...