Saturday, March 21, 2009

What the ?!?!?

Okay... so I tried foundation paper piecing as Brenda outlined in her lesson. G6 - Papa's star. Obviously I missed something. It's not just that the points don't quite line up... and the center is actually off-center... and one point of the star is much bigger than the others... and one point of the star is a bit smaller than the other...

My biggest dilemma with this block is that somehow I'm short of material. I know finished is better than perfect... but it does have to be a 5" block... and this one can't be cut to 5"!! LOL

Back to the drawing board. I debated whether to try a different block and come back to this one later, or to try this again right now, and I think I'm going to tackle this again while it's fresh in my mind. I've got 1 or 2 things I'll do differently. Either way I'm happy to say that I've finally tried foundation paper piecing!

I'm also working at scanning in some pictures and maybe soon I'll post a picture or 2 of my little boy. He's absolutely adorable... but I suppose I'm a little biased.


  1. The colour of your block is lovely, and yes you are allowed to be biased!

  2. Thanks. I'm a big fan of purple... can you tell? :) I've actually tried making the block again with the same colour. It's better... but that's another post!